HCDAgile Process

HCDAgile focuses on humans to determine the right thing to build and how to built it right.

How Can HCDAgile Help Your Enterprise?

Imagine this: You’re an IT manager. Your business stakeholders are asking for a digital solution, and they are counting on you to deliver it. All that’s left to do is design and develop a product that provides maximum value, in minimal time, within the allotted budget.

…and oh, wouldn’t it be great if your employees, customers, partners actually liked it and used it?

You need help. But why choose 1904labs?

Every company says they have great people, are easy to work with, provide value, and on and on.

We have something else: a well-defined, repeatable process, created by experienced process engineers, and improved over three years of practice by teams of talented and collaborative Agile engineers and human-centered designers.

HCDAgile focuses not just on technology, or on your business goals, but on the humans — your users — who ultimately determine whether your product is a success.

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