Generative AI
Proof of Concepts

Bring Your Generative AI Concepts to Life

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Offering Overview

Explore, Design, and Build

Collaborate with 1904lab's AI design team to bring your Generative AI customer service plans to life. Utilize Amazon Bedrock to create a proof of concept that enhances customer experiences and employee productivity.

How Unlocking Your Business Potential with Amazon Bedrock (PoC) Benefits You

Generative AI Exploration

Collaborating with the AI Design team during this engagement with PoC will enhance your understanding and application of large language models (LLMs), improving customer and employee experiences.

Expert Guidance in AI Integration

Our partnership will provide hands-on expertise throughout the AI integration journey, with a tailored Proof of Concept (PoC) outcome.

Comprehensive Strategy Development

Together, we'll tackle key areas, such as data analysis, strategic planning, and the deployment of Bedrock solutions, creating a comprehensive approach to AI integration that aligns with your business goals.

Seamless Transition to Production

Our collaboration will facilitate a smooth progression towards practical, production-level implementations of AI technologies, setting the stage for operational success and technological advancement.

Generative AI Proof of Concepts
Engagement Details

  • Duration: 1-2 Months
  • Cost: Fee-based
  • Components:
    • Phase 1 - Discovery: 1904labs will conduct technical sessions to assess your specific needs, focusing on the potential use of Bedrock to enhance customer experiences and employee productivity. This phase will involve a deep dive into existing data and the evaluation of potential improvements. The outcome will include detailed recommendations and planning documents, laying out the optimal approach for integrating Bedrock into your environment.
    • Phase II - Proof of Concept Creation: Building upon insights from the Discovery phase, 1904labs will design and execute a Bedrock-based Proof of Concept (PoC). This stage is dedicated to testing and validating the framework against selected use cases, using either third-party or proprietary data to ensure feasibility and effectiveness. The goal is to provide a concrete direction for Bedrock integration, complete with an implementation roadmap and specific guidelines for optimization.

Learn how to use Amazon Bedrock and AI to Enable Your Business

We can help you understand how to leverage Amazon Bedrock and Generative AI to solve your customer and partner service challenges, and enhance your employee experiences now. In our strategy session, we’ll start by understanding the main pain points for your business and customers and work with you and your teams to find ways that Generative AI and Amazon Bedrock can help you achieve your business goals.

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