Intent Classification with Large Language Models
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Drive Accuracy in Your Voice and Chat Bots With Amazon Bedrock

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Elevate your customer service with LLM-enhanced intent recognition for voice and chatbots powered by Amazon Bedrock. Experience unparalleled efficiency and accuracy in understanding customer needs using natural words and phrases. Move beyond the constraints of traditional NLU systems with Bedrock's advanced LLM technology, which offers deep linguistic insights and contextual understanding. Seamlessly integrate these capabilities into your bots, ensuring privacy and security and transforming your customer interaction landscape. With Amazon Bedrock, unlock a new dimension of user-friendliness and precision in customer service.

How LLM-Enhanced Intent Classification Benefits You

Easy Deployment and Management

Integrating LLM-enhanced intent classification with your AWS Lex and Connect systems is straightforward. Enhancing your current setup and maximizing previous infrastructure investments.

Improved Accuracy

Adopting LLM-enhanced intent classification leads to more accurate user intent recognition, boosting customer satisfaction by ensuring their needs are understood and met efficiently.

Reduce Agent Transfers

Enhanced accuracy in intent classification minimizes misclassifications and unnecessary transfers, leading to higher first-contact resolution rates and improved customer experiences.

Efficient Handling of Unanticipated Intents

LLMs are adept at deciphering both familiar and novel user intents, offering a robust solution that caters to the full spectrum of customer queries and enhances interaction quality.

Intent Classification with Large Language Models Demo & Workshop
Workshop Details

  • Duration: 30-60 minute Demo and Consultation
  • Cost: Fee-based
  • Components:
    • Discover: Learn how Amazon Bedrock’s foundational LLM's deep linguistic and contextual understanding can boost intent recognition accuracy and elevate the performance of Amazon Lex and Connect customer service products.
    • Workshop: At our workshop, you will learn how Bedrock can simplify intent definition and enable flexible routing.
    • Explore: Learn how using LLMs can eliminate the difficult process of building and maintaining utterances and intents.

Learn how to use Amazon Bedrock and AI to Enable Your Business

We can help you understand how to leverage Amazon Bedrock and Generative AI to solve your customer and partner service challenges, and enhance your employee experiences now. In our strategy session, we’ll start by understanding the main pain points for your business and customers and work with you and your teams to find ways that Generative AI and Amazon Bedrock can help you achieve your business goals.

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